High Contrast

I shot a charity event a couple of weekends ago and the band that was playing asked me to take a few snaps of them onstage. I gave them both color and high contrast black and white versions. I don't know. Too much contrast?

Two Weddings and a Car Show

It's been a few months and nobody really reads this anyway, but thought I would update for my own sake. Thus far I have shot two weddings, numerous car shows, an infant, portraits, architecture in Chicago, charity events, business openings, an engagement session and a baby shower. I very interested in landscapes but I would have to say shooting cars seems to be the most fun. I guess because I love 60's muscle cars. The most challenging were the weddings, primarily because of the expectations. But I think that helped to me to focus (no pun) more and get better results.


Hello World!

Cliche I know. This is where I will hopefully frequently blog about my adventure in photography. I will share all the wins and the losses and all the many things related to photography that I am bound to learn over the course of the next few years. Hopefully, if anyone reads this, they can learn from my experiences and avoid the mistakes. See you soon..